June 11th 2022

I was honored when my dear friend and fellow hooper, Donna Sparx asked me to contribute to her blog on Finding Your Hooping Flow State.

Have a peek at this article and get awesome insights and hot hooping flow tips from me and three other amazing flow artists in the community.

September 20, 2020

Being interviewed by Mary was such a treat. She’s a friend, my empowerment/business coach and fellow hooper.

I was so nervous at first! It was fun to share my story, what hooping means to me and how it has transformed student’s lives.

Did you know that I couldn’t hula hoop until one summer day in 2010 when my niece asked me to play with her (and let’s be honest…I could barely keep it up then, but I saw there was hope!). Most of my life, dancing always made me feel super vulnerable and awkward. I was the BIGGEST wallflower or needed ‘liquid courage’ to get my butt on the dance floor.

Find out how hooping is so much more than a plastic circle that goes around your waist. Learn the joy it brings, how it’s a tool for embodiment and can be a life practice.  

Get curious. Have a listen. Discover what’s possible in your life.

Interview with Moved LA!

November 18, 2019

Moved LA recently asked to interview me! What an honor and opportunity to share more of my story, who inspires me and what’s next for Beauty in Movement. Here’s a link!

Hoopin' it up on KGW

October 09, 2018

When KGW asks you to do a segment for their 7 o’clock ‘Tonight with Cassidy’ show, you say ABSOLUTELY! Helene Lawless at Be Smooth has been taking lessons from me for almost a year and passed my name along to McKinzie and her crew.

The longer I live in this city, the more I’m feeling the people and energy of Portland saying YES, YES, YES! I am in the right place. Grateful for Helene, KGW TV and this opportunity. Check it out!

Portland Monthly...Say whaaaaat?!

June 25, 2018

What an honor it was to be mentioned in the Portland Monthly! The best thing about it is that I was completely unaware that the article was going to be written. When I saw the magazine and noticed a hula hooper on the cover I thought, “Cool. I wonder what they have to say about hooping…” Flip to page 55 and there I am! So grateful for Rebecca for choosing my class as one of the 7 Portland Dance Classes to Take Right Now. 

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